Virtual Beggar – This hobo probably makes more money than you…

Apparently, Virtual Beggar (by Treetop Crew) isn’t a new game to hit the iOS and Android app stores, but for those of you who are like us a few weeks ago and have never heard of this game, Virtual Beggar is basically the story of how one hobo begged his way to greatness using nothing but his voice. “GIVE ME MONEYYYYYYYYY!!!!”

Seriously, this guy probably makes more money than you do… 😅

Starting out in an alleyway with literally nothing, Virtual Beggar slowly guides you through the steps of obtaining money (i.e.) loudly yelling for people to hand you their hard-earned cash for literally nothing in return.

As you gradually drag yourself out of the deepest depths of poverty, you will be guided through the steps required to set up your own company and hire workers to make you money – while you continue begging on the streets in your dirty worn out jeans.

After playing through the game for about 30 minutes, your main character that started out as a poor helpless guy just wanting to find his next meal will have grown into a rich multi-millionaire with more pets than your average animal-lover and a company large enough to support him financially for the next 100 years with ease.

As is the case with most clicker games

Although the game is pretty funny, it isn’t exactly the most addictive clicker game we’ve ever played. Although the game does feature an offline mode and an abundance of features designed to keep you coming back. Unless you were the type of person who found adding levels to your tower in Tiny Tower super addictive, Virtual Beggar may be one of those games you play for a bit but ultimately end up forgetting about.

For players who are used to playing clicker games that are constantly becoming more and more aggressive with the number of “things” players can constantly upgrade, having to actually tap on the screen in order to earn enough cash to perform the next upgrade is actually kind of boring…

The Conclusion

With over 5,000,000 downloads in 2017, who knows? Maybe Virtual Beggar is just the clicker game you’ve been looking for?

For us, this game was more of a shock into the reality that clicker games kind of aren’t exactly “clicky” anymore in 2019.

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