Ball vs Colors! Review: A game about using your “friends” in order to shield yourself from trouble…

Ok, it seems someone didn’t get the memo about defining “friendship”, because the way in which you use your friends in this game definitely isn’t ideal. Ball vs Colors! (by Virede) is a minimalistic 3D avoider game about smashing any obstacles that stand in your path(!) …using your friends as bashable ammunition… thanks, friend…

Set on a 3D stage similar to that of Hollo Ball, Blocksbuster! and a million other games, your mission in this game is to avoid smashing into any colored obstacles by either pushing them away using white obstacles (this game calls friends) as a barrier or simply avoiding them altogether.

Played by touching and dragging anywhere on the screen of your device in order to slide your ball around the stage, the game is surprisingly easy to both learn and play in concept, however it can still get rather tricky at times. Especially when you are faced with a large number of obstacles all at once and very few “friends” to help you out.

For anyone who isn’t sick of games using this type of mechanic (which has been trending since the end of 2018) Ball vs Colors! may just be the best iteration of this arguably overused gameplay mechanic. With fewer restrictions on your player’s power, Ball vs Colors! allows you to create some rather spectacular destruction scenes.

As for us, we have just about had enough of this mechanic. Although Ball vs Colors! squeezed in just in time to create a bit of a splash, as we see it, most of the hype has already ended, and it is about time we (and everyone else) moved on to the next big thing.

If you have yet to jump on the bandwagon, now is your chance because this trend likely won’t last much longer!

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