Stack Ball – Wow is this game crazy addictive!!

Were you – or perhaps are you still – hyper-addicted to the simple yet strangely compelling Helix Jump by Voodoo? Believe it or not, when we initially reviewed Helix Jump, we actually thought the game was going to fail… Currently, we’re on level 2023…

Boy!! We were wrong!!!

Based on a similar sort of mechanic, Stack Ball (by AI GAMES FZ) is yet another simple yet strangely compelling game that is set to steal your time once again with platform smashing satisfaction!

Set atop a stack of rotating 3D platforms, your mission in this game is to skillfully tap on the screen of your device in order to smash through the white sections of the stage while avoiding the deadly black arias at all costs – assuming you don’t want to die. Pretty simple!

The game is designed in such a way that the black and white arias will often align allowing you to smash tough 20 or more platforms in a single almighty jump that not only looks cool but also charges your boost ability!

Once you’ve smashed through a given number of platforms, your ball will catch on fire for a short amount of time, allowing you to smash tough any colored platform – black or white – instantly making the game way easier!

After playing this game for a while you will, every so often, get super lucky and make it to the bottom of the level you are working on in a single mega lucky jump. When this happens, the emotion you’ll experience the moment you witness your ball hit ground zero… You’ll be addicted for life!

If you’re after a crazy addictive game that “isn’t” currently the most popular casual game on the market – or at least isn’t just yet – you may want to keep an eye on this game because it definitely has the potential to blow up!

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