Helix Jump

If you like playing simple games, you can’t get much simpler than Helix Jump (by Voodoo). In fact, this game is so simple we don’t exactly have a whole lot to write about…

Set on a stage made up of rotatable discs attached to a pipe or tube-like thing at the center of your screen, your mission in this game is to rotate the stage either left or right in order to drop your player, (a colorful splattering paintball), down tough gaps in the discs as you slowly make your way to the bottom of the stage.

As you progress through the game, you will be faced with discs that include deadly segments you can’t jump on or else GAME OVER! You will probably also soon discover that by falling through 3 or more gaps during a single jump you can; (1) boost your score (2) destroy the first disk you land on – even if you land on something deadly – allowing you to greatly reduce the distance you need to travel without taking any risks!

Unlike most games of this type, Helix Jump isn’t actually an endless game, which means that it shouldn’t get too repetitive… too quickly that is… (It does get repetitive…)

As you progress through the game, the levels do slowly become harder, and the overall color scheme does change a little, however, not much more than that actually changes.

The Conclusion

With No unlockable skins (yet) surprisingly enough not too many Ads, and a super simplistic design, this game definitely isn’t going to be for everyone. However, if you like this type of game, Helix Jump is definitely well worth checking out.

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