Crazy Kick Review: The defenders are probably the craziest…

Crazy Kick! (by Voodoo & Orbital Knight) is an obstacle-filled 3D soccer game about getting a ball past a bunch of hopeless defenders and into your opponent’s goal. 👍

Your player in this game is either a ghost or invisible since the ball pretty much acts like a drone – and from what we can tell your player doesn’t even seem to have a goal of his/her own so you’re actually kind of invincible. 😂

Gameplay Footage 👇👇

The only way in which you can actually lose in Crazy Kick is if/when one of your opponents kicks the ball out of the field, but hey? Even then you can sometimes win because these defenders only know how to kick straight ahead – even if that means smashing the ball into their own goal… 😂

That having been said, as you can probably see from our gameplay video, the stages themselves do get trickier over time making it easier to die with every level.

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