Review Review: How is this game on the top charts!? (by xiaoli yao) is probably either a disaster or just another publisher flexing by hijacking the top 100 most popular free apps on the Apple App Store. Who knows it could even be both? 😂

Somehow, is currently the 5th most popular free game on the Apple App Store. Just so that nobody rushes off and downloads the game, (a.k.a. is a terrible game (as of right now) so we don’t recommend downloading it on your iPhone any time soon. 😅

Gameplay video 👇👇

In case you couldn’t tell from the video, everyone on the board is the same color, meaning nobody ever loses – or even wins for that matter. Your player seemingly has no limit in size which is hilarious, there is no way of advancing from 3rd place no matter how much of the board you color, and you are required to enter your name every time you start a new game. 😭

How this game managed to make it to 5th place on the Apple App Store is anyone’s guess, but I’m just glad it wasn’t the only game on my phone before boarding a 9-hour flight…

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