Idle Army Base – Thankfully this is still a game

Idle Army Base (by Neon Play) is a game that may just simulate what your life could have looked like had WW3 started just 3 days into 2020 and you were drafted into the army to protect your country.

Thankfully that hasn’t happened just yet and we can still laugh at the few remaining WW3 memes we see on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

This also means that now is your chance to experience what it could be like to run your very own army base in Idle Army Base before you are either called to manage one for real – or die on the battlefield, either one could happen?

Although the title of this game is Idle Army Base, what you are actually called to manage in this game is more of an army academy of sorts where you are given brand new draftees to train up and ship off to the battlefield.

Although you are given all the land you could want from day 1, the facilities on this land are all pretty bad. It is your job to upgrade the training equipment in your base using the money you charge your “students” that the government drafted into the army for training – wait something isn’t adding up here… 😅

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