Fancade – The only mobile game you’ll need in 2020

If for some unknown reason you decided to install just one game on your smartphone to last you till the very end of 2020, Fancade (by Martin Magni) is by far your best choice as of right now. Here’s why…

As the name kind of implies, Fancade is a sort of arcade game that compiles every popular game we have ever reviewed on Edamame Reviews into a single game for you to enjoy.

The games within this game (what a weird sentence to write) consist of everything from hyper-casual games such as Hill Climb Racing and to much more complex titles such as Monument Vally and more! But of course, this wide range of games comes at a cost, and that cost is quality… sike! NOT IN FANCADE!! 😱😱

The quality of each of the mini-games featured in Fancade is at a level of quality high enough to be packaged and sold as standalone titles of their own – some of which are so good we actually wish they were made into standalone games.

The reason we believe the developer of Fancade is capable of creating what are essentially super high-quality mini-games is thanks to the number of levels per mini-game. In most cases, there are often only 5 or so levels per game which isn’t a lot considering most casual games have upward of 1,000. 😅

But it is this shortage of levels that allow the developer to do 2 things.

  1. Create super high-quality gameplay experiences.
  2. Start players off with levels that are kind of hard from the beginning.

After playing through a few levels, we actually feel as though this second point could actually be the most important. The levels in Fancade are often just a touch harder than the originals, making players have to put some work into clearing the 5 or so levels you are given.

This extra difficulty allows this game which really doesn’t have that many levels feel much longer which isn’t a bad thing considering just how awesome the gameplay experience truly is!

So, to conclude our opening statement. If you are in need of a game that basically summarises what everyone in the world is addicted to, this is the game for you. In fact, in some cases, you may even rather the mini-game version in Fancade.

*Sadly the game is still in beta for iPhone users. Hopefully, it will launch soon!! 😭

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