Review – This game is the greatest disaster you have never seen. (by Kyrylo Venzhyn) is a terrible game. As in, the game is, in most respects, a broken mess!! When we said this game was a disaster we actually meant it!

But wait! 🖐

Before you dismiss this article as the only review on the internet with a ‘clickbait title’ that actually held some truth, maybe you would like to take a closer look at this half-cooked game… Because man is it funny! is a game about crashing your trolly into supermarket aisles in order to knock over shelves and fill up your trolly in the most destructive manner possible.

The game is an .io game meaning you are sort of competing against other players who are given roughly the same mission as you – bring 100 items to the registers as fast possible.

This mission you are given actually proves to be rather difficult at times simply because your player basically needs to knock over 100 things for every 1-3 things he/she actually manages to get into the trolley.

Also, it doesn’t help that your player can sometimes get caught in the sea of household objects you’ve knocked all over the ground making it difficult for you to make it to the registers before any of your equally messy opponents do.

Do we recommend this game? Not really.

Do we think you’ll have fun playing it once or twice? Almost certainly!

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