Sky Wave is a good game. Please don’t get us wrong here. Although Sky Wave is a good game, we couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed playing the game for the first time last week… Why? Because the screenshots are just way too good!

Sky Wave (by Nanovation and Kid Kiwi) is a game with almost deceptively good looking screenshots. At first glance, this game looks almost as good as one of the stunning games developed by Mediocre AB, such as Smash Hit or PinOut! …in reality, it is a fairly average game we expected far too much from…

Played using a set of 3 tiles you can make “Jump” or “Double-Jump” by touching on the screen of your device, Sky Wave is pretty much a runner game centered around jumping over and under obstacles as you make your way past an endless number of dangerous obstacles.

The single most noticeable feature in this game is probably the number of players you control. Each time you pass under a sort of checkpoint, (that does not save your progress😓), you are given an extra set of 3 players that are added to the end of your party. As these players build up, you will eventually end up with a whole heap of small squares that follow you along as you jump over obstacles, a little like a massive wave. Thus the name Sky Wave!

With a not so intuitive UI (User Interface), not too many Ads, and a gameplay system that is unique, yet fails to deliver the kind of visual experience the amazing screenshots lead you to almost expect, Sky Wave is a prime example of a great game that dug its own grave. Fun… but not what we were expecting…

It is disappointing – if we had have downloaded this game without seeing any of the beautified advertisements, screenshots, or videos, Sky Wave would have been just another fun game for iOS and Android. Our hopes were just far too high…

The Conclusion

If you haven’t downloaded Sky Wave, you now know what to expect and will be able to enjoy this game for what it truly is. Sky Wave is a great game to have on your iOS or Android device.

As for developers about to submit their game to the Apple App Store and/or Google Play, make sure your screenshots reflect the actual game play – nice, but not too nice…😉

Want to give Sky Wave a try? The download link is just below.📲
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