Smash Hit by Mediocre AB – Review

Have you ever played Smash Hit? It’s been available for quite a while now so chances are you’ve seen it… For those of you who haven’t seen it, in just a few words, Smash Hit is basically a game that is completely out of place on your smartphone.

Even now, 2 years after its release in 2014, Smash Hit is still a popular game among many and has the best 3D graphics we’ve ever seen in a smartphone game. If you think new is better, you’re wrong, because, in the fast paced world of smartphone games, Smash Hit is ancient.

Starting off in a futuristic 3D dimension, your mission is to smash “glass walls” that block your way, or “crystals” to gain more balls, as you glide through each beautiful 3-dimensional stage.

One of the more interesting features of this game are the “crystals.” By smashing 10 in a row without running into anything, and without letting any pass by you without being smashed, the number of balls you fire each tap will increase by 1. This in itself is pretty awesome, and makes destroying larger obstacles much easier, but the real advantage isn’t there… The real advantage is the fact that your remaining ammo will only decrease by one!

This means that you have basically just doubled the amount of ammo you have! This process of adding balls continues until you can fire a total of 5 balls per shot.

Anyway, for players who haven’t had the opportunity to play this amazingly beautiful game, we’ll leave our review here, so that there’ll be some left for you to discover!

Smash Hit_SS1

Have the screenshots convinced you? This is a game you need on your device, and considering that it is “free”, there is nothing holding you back…

The link to download it is directly below!

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