PinOut! – This is what happens when the creators of Smash Hit re-invent “Pinball”

Often when you add two ideas together, you’ll get something slightly better than the original. This is pretty much a fact of life. …but sometimes there are exceptions.
Sometimes simply adding two ideas together creates something so revolutionarily awesome, all we can do is sit and wonder in awe why no one thought of it before…

PinOut! is an amazingly beautiful time based racer game so awesome we wish we had come up with the idea for it ourselves! Based around the classic arcade game “Pinball” modified into a fast paced racing game that looks like something taken from the world of TRON, this game will blow you away with its graphics!

Developed by the Mediocre AB team (the creators of Smash Hit) you can probably already imagine just how amazing this game looks… Lit up entirely by neon style lighting effects, almost everything in this game gives off a vibrant, colorful, glow that – in short – looks really, really cool! (It is one of the first games that “doesn’t look” wildly better in the trailer than it does in real life.)

Now, if you’ve been silently wondering about the gameplay or playability of this game, we must say, you’ll have a hard time finding anything to disappoint you…😆  PinOut! is played using only classic Pinball controls, (i.e. tap on the left side of the screen to trigger the left flipper, and on the right to trigger the right flipper) and makes playing this game super easy, allowing you to focus more of your attention on enjoying the game.

Last but not least, the music in this game is wonderful! Whether it was made for the game, or the game was made for it (unlikely, but possible) we do not know, but the two fit together so perfectly you’ll begin to wish you had bought those expensive pair of headphones after all…😢

The Conclusion

Do you need the coolest Pinball game ever invented in the history of the universe…?
The download link is just below😉

Be warned, if you’re not ready the combination of stunning graphics, amazing gameplay, and extraordinary music may just be enough to literally blow you away!

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