Reflection – Finally, a game we’ve always wanted hits the App Store!

There’s are a few games we’ve always wanted to play but have never had the opportunity to… “Why?” Because most of them don’t exist… Yet…

The moment we first set eyes on Reflection it was like a dream come true… This game is the perfect representation of a game we’ve always wanted to play, only now it’s available in real life! “Are we excited?” Of course!

Reflection, just like 2 CarsDouble Trouble Chase and a few other games, is a game where you are required to control 2 characters at once, but unlike most of the games we’ve reviewed up until now, Reflection is actually enjoyable!

Set on an extremely reflective stage, your mission in this game is to jump over obstacles that block your player’s path by “Single-Tapping to Single-Jump”, and “Double-Tapping to Double-Jump”, pretty standard runner game rules and controls.

Now, what’s different about this game is that your player’s reflection – like most reflections – will move in an equal and opposite manner to your player, meaning, in a sense you can control two players at once, although it would never be of any use unless the “Mirror World” had different obstacles to the “Real World”…😉

Reflection is a game where you are required to avoid obstacles in both the “Real World” and the “Mirror World” using the same character! This ingenious concept allows you to easily control two players (your player, and your player’s reflection) at once! Genius!

This simple concept allows you to focus on two worlds at once while just staying under the brain overload threshold. Challenging, but still very fun to play!

Need a game that sits on the borderline between “Impossibleness” and “Insane Fun-ness?”

Reflection is awesome! With simple controls, a challenging but manageable concept, and plenty of characters to unlock, this is a game we highly recommend you check out.

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