Double Trouble Chase by BoomBit – Review

If you’re in to computers at all, you’ll have probably heard of a “dual core processor” these chips act as the brain of your device, and in the case of a dual core, it is essentially the same as having two brains in one. Pretty handy when multi tasking, and essential when playing Double Trouble Chase. Now don’t get us wrong here, this isn’t a specification for your device, but a specification for your brain

Double Trouble Chase is a monster of a game. Though extremely simple (literally, all you do is jump over blocks that move toward you) we’d be surprised if anyone could get past the first five obstacles without working up a sweat!


Well you see, instead of controlling one little critter, you are given two, and are required to control both at the same time… The obstacles don’t appear at the same time nor do they appear in the same order, meaning when one critter needs to stay low and definitely not jump, the other may need to jump that instant! Quite a few of us thought we were pretty good at multitasking until we played this game… Now we’re not so sure.

For people that just excel at multitasking (not us) Double Trouble Chase also offers a multiplayer mode, where you prove once and for all that the specifications of your brain far exceed that of your old and out of dates uncles…

Double Trouble Chase_SS1 Double Trouble Chase_SS2

If you believe multitasking is your specialty, don’t download this game, you’ll end up like us. Battered and depressed, your pride smashed by reality…

Now, if you happen to have a friend that just loves to show off how much better their brain is than yours, this may be a good game to have installed on your phone ready for the next time you see them.

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