Bouncy Buddy – A game about bouncing Down…!? Ok…???

Do you enjoy playing bouncer games? Often set on a horizontal track littered with deadly obstacles, your mission in these types of games is almost always going to be along the lines of, “Avoid obstacles as you travel though each level.” …Bouncy Buddy is a little different😓

Bouncy Buddy would almost be your standard bouncer game if it weren’t for two key differences. (1) Bouncy Buddy is set on a rocket platform that constantly moves up. Not to the side. (2) The game isn’t played by bouncing up, but by bouncing down

Set on a small rocket platform – as we stated above – your mission in this game is to avoid being hit by Shooting Arrows, Bouncing Shuriken (Ninja stars), Spinning Blades, and more by tapping on the screen of your device in order to speedily drop your player back down to your rocket platform.

If you don’t do anything, your player will repeatedly bounce up and down at a relatively slow pace which – without your help – pretty much means death💀 Obviously this is bad, and so you will be required to stay on the constant lookout for danger, ready to drop your player back down at any second.

Overall the game looks very nice. Featuring graphics that look like they were inspired by the awesome Monument Valley (always a good sign😉) the game, although definitely not featuring a minimalist design, has the same sort of cleanness minimalist game fans love!

Bouncy Buddy is a simple bouncer game that – in our opinion – is actually easier to play than quite a lot of standard horizontal bouncers, once you get the hang of it.

With simple tap controls that allow the game to be played in one hand (while you eat ice-cream!) this is a game we highly recommend to players who often multitask while gaming…

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