2 Cars by Ketchapp – Review

Does anyone remember how we were once talking about dual core brains? We first started using the ‘phrase’ in our review of Double Trouble, a seriously difficult game you’d have to be a bit of a genius in order to actually play properly.

2 Cars by Ketchapp is another one of those game made for people that are… “Special” to say the least… For us normal people to play this sort of game, we’d either need to enter some sort of trance like state, where we can focus all the energy we possess in our entire bodies into the two cars on the screen! Or, just call a friend to come help by playing as one of the other cars…

Either way, the game itself is super simple, and would be one of the easiest games on Edamame Reviews, if it weren’t for the fact that you have to control two cars instead of one.

Starting off, you have 2 cars and 4 lanes, 2 lanes for each car. As your two cars speed up along their strip of road, you’ll soon find a heap of squares and circles blocking the road ahead. The circles are good and must be collected. If you happen to miss one it’s instant “Game Over” and so you must collect them at all costs. The squares on the other hand are obstacles and must be avoided.

As you can tell, the concept is surprisingly simple. If it were only one car you had to control, 2 Cars would make a really good game for 3 year olds. It’s amazing what adding a second car can do to our brains…

2 Cars_SS1 2 Cars_SS2

If you have a heap of friends that can help you out – “Cheat!” – 2 Cars would make a really great party game. Otherwise, unless you’re super good at multitasking or happen to be a genius… Good Luck…

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