Super Sharp by 1Button – Review

Back in the day, fruit ninja was probably the most awesome “cutting” game available. Now, things are a little different. In fact there are now so many games based on cutting, slicing, chopping, and slashing, there’s actually the need to sift through and find the ones that are truly interesting.

Super Sharp by 1Button is simply amazing. Made up of over 100 puzzles, all solvable with a few well planned slices, this game is the most awesome slicer we’ve seen in quite a while.

Each puzzle in the game is made up of colorful shapes, and one or more “checkpoints/s”. The checkpoints are located in different places around each puzzle, and in order to clear the game, must have an object of the same color pass through it at least once. The checkpoints can sometimes be located in places seemingly impossible to reach at first glance, making this game quite a puzzler.

Probably the best “feature” of Super Sharp is that it is enjoyable by the majority of players. There are no time limits, for those who dislike time pressure, nor are there any real fast moving parts or stages, requiring you to have a relatively quick reaction time. In a sense Super Sharp is compatible with most people – including those who don’t play games that often – making it a game well worth the relatively low price for most people.

Super Sharp_SS1 Super Sharp_SS2

Super Sharp is a game we’d recommend to anyone who likes puzzles; likes cutting things; or is actually a Ninja in disguise!

If you happen to be the cooler one – the Ninja – please be careful not to get too addicted and forget to protect our city from evil villains…

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