SALVAGE ROBOT – A solid attempt by an amazing new studio

Have you ever tried to make a First Person Shooter? If so, you probably already know how difficult it is…😓

SALVAGE ROBOT is the first game created by the Golden Heart Team and we must say it is insane! To create such a high-quality game first try is very impressive, to say the least. “Does this mean it’s perfect?” Of course not, but it is definitely worth checking out, especially of you’re planning on making your own First Person Shooter.

Set on a now mostly desolate and lifeless planet earth (Destroyed by a massive explosion caused by the unlocking of an ancient technology) your mission in this game is to salvage / hunt for the remains of ancient technology still left on planet earth…

Now, where there’s treasure there are always going to be pirates, and where there are pirates there are always going to be guns, lots of guns…💀 Using your Salvaging-Bot equipped with massive guns, your mission in this game is to destroy enemy ships while collecting treasure and avoiding getting destroyed! Super exciting… but unfortunately also super difficult…

You see, just like most new indie games, the controls in SALVAGE ROBOT could definitely use some work. Often we would find ourselves walking backward instead of forwards, crashing into trees, shooting at the wrong target, and generally playing the game really badly… We would really love to play SALVAGE ROBOT with controls more like that of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

If you’d like to make a First Person Shooter, or would like to support the creators of one, don’t forget to try the game out from the download link below!

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2 replies on “SALVAGE ROBOT – A solid attempt by an amazing new studio”

Very cool game – love the background story and graphics. Fun gameplay upgrading your favourite salvage bot. Nice music too.