Prince of Persia : Escape – The best game from Ketchapp with the worst icon…

“This is the best game we’ve seen from Ketchapp so far!” …we’ve said this phrase so many times now, I have no idea what review we last ended with these very words – probably either Space Frontier 1 or Space Frontier 2

Anyway, today we’ve got a game from Ketchapp and estoty called Prince of Persia : Escape, which at first glance looks super boring – I have no idea why – but turns out to be the coolest game we’ve seen from Ketchapp in nearly 6 months! …boy are we glad we checked this game out!

If painful death animations are your thing, you are going to love Prince of Persia. Starting out in a 2D dungeon-like setting, Prince of Persia is a platform style runner game which is played by simply tapping on the screen of your device in order to jump, climb walls, and avoid obstacles. You’ve probably seen a lot of runner games for iOS and Android like this lately.

What makes Prince of Persia stand out though is how well the character(s) are animated – especially when you die. 😂😂😂

If you install a heavy full-on runner game, the level of animation in this game is kind of to be expected. But in a quick and lite game, you can play on and off without missing out on anything, Prince of Persia has the best character animations we’ve seen in probably forever.

Although this is super nerdy, we like to see how our character reacts differently depending on the situation, for instance, your character reacts differently when falling straight down as opposed to falling on an angle or being bounced off a ledge! I know super nerdy, but it just feels so right when playing this game on your smartphone…

Other than attention to the smallest of details, Prince of Persia features simple level based progression which means you’ll actually have a chance to get used to the game mechanics before things get too difficult, and as an added bonus, there are a bunch of different outfits you can use to change the appearance of your player which is fantastic since the default one looks really, really plain…

The Conclusion

Why this game looks so boring we still have no idea – perhaps it was just how plain everything looks with the default settings? But whatever it was, we are really, really excited that we chose to give Prince of Persia a try, because “it may just be our favorite game from Ketchapp to date!”

If you think this game looks boring, don’t be fooled, it is 100% worth your time!

Want to give Prince of Persia : Escape a try? The download link is just below.📲
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