Eat Ya Food – A stupid game about eating everything… yes everything… 😂

Have you ever seen those stupid gifs on Twitter or Instagram where people line up cookies on a treadmill in order to create a sort of food conveyor belt designed to fatten humans? If so, you already know where today’s game is coming from.

Set on an endless food conveyor belt, your mission in Eat Ya Food (by Geniiq) is to catch food (using a giant floating mouth) in order to prevent anything edible from falling onto the ground. That’s it. End of review…! ok maybe not quite… 😅

In order to make your life as hard as possible, Eat Ya Food features a wide range of distractions – not to be confused with obstacles – designed to get in your way, block your view, or just make the game difficult to play in general. Luckily we haven’t stumbled upon anything you “can’t eat” yet, which makes the game actually a lot easier than it looks – unless you count a laser which blasts everything every once in a while, you can’t eat that…

Played using 2 on-screen buttons in order to move your mouth from side to side, Eat Ya Food is simple and easy enough to play, just so long as you don’t lose focus.

Jumping over to the graphics – which is probably what enticed you to click on this review in the first place – Eat Ya Food features a beautiful set of Voxel graphics, we used to call 3D Pixel graphics, which not only looks nice in pictures but is highly animated, resulting in a great user experience.

Since we’ve only spoken about the positives so far, one negative before we let you go check out Eat Ya Food for your self. Though this game is very unique, we didn’t exactly find it all that addictive… Although this is almost entirely up to personal preference, we can’t see ourselves playing this game for hours and hours on end…

That being said, we are still glad we had the opportunity to check it out!

The Conclusion

If you’re in for something a little weird, a little abnormal, a little different to what you are probably used to, this is a game that ticks all of those boxes and then some!

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