Glitchskier – Don’t freak out! It is only a game…

Are you a fan of playing shooter games on your iOS or Android device? If so, today we’ve got a shooter game you may (or may not) find sort of familiar depending on just how old you are…

Glitchskier (by Shelly Alon) is potentially the strangest mobile shooter game we’ve seen all year – which is saying something considering just how many games we saw in 2018. Set on a virtual windows 95 interface, Glitchskier is essentially the only game you have on this small virtual PC, and as the name suggests, it is riddled with bugs!

In case you were wondering, these bugs are intentional… 😅

Played by touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to control your ship, Glitchskier is played pretty much like any other mobile shooter game, but with one exception.

Powerups in this game act as a sort of extra life, saving you from dying each time you collide with something deadly. When this happens you will obviously lose your powerup which in turn makes the game harder, but at least you get a second chance!

Although the game is cool, the real attraction is the user experience. Having a mobile game that loads drivers each time it is booted is kind of a novelty, and the file on the desktop which acts as a sort of credits screen is simply icing on the cake!

We would like to actually take this game out on the street and see if there are young kids who don’t know how to start the game, but I guess that is for a different article to come…

If you’re into retro gaming on your modern smartphone, Glitchskier is a game you simply can’t miss.

The Conclusion

We’ve seen a lot of strange games lately, but Glitchskier was kind of one step above all the rest. Whereas most games try to look retro themselves, Glitchskier makes you question whether your phone is actually running Windows 95! Big difference…

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