Do you remember our review of Space Frontier by Ketchapp and Part Time Monkey? Now almost a year old, our review of the original Space Frontier was quite a hit among our readers, probably because the game was so good! So today, we’re excited to share our review of Space Frontier 2 – the awesome sequel you’ve been waiting for!

Starting on our lovely home planet Earth, Space Frontier 2 takes you on an exciting interstellar adventure as you gradually colonize the galaxy with little orange minions. If you enjoyed playing the original which was all about space exploration and bettering the human race, Space Frontier 2 takes a sharp turn you may not have expected – toward making money …

Instead of simply sending people up to Mars just because you can, Space Frontier 2 gives you more… let’s say, incentive…?

Each planet/asteroid you colonize makes you money. The more people you have up in space, the more money that solar system makes you, allowing you to build bigger and better rockets that can take more and more people deeper into space! Which ultimately makes you more money. 🤑

It is definitely a great way of getting players to check back every few hours in order to check up on how much money your minions have made you while you were away. Basically the same strategy as a semi-automatic clicker game.

For those of you who haven’t played the original Space Frontier, both of these games are played by skillfully tapping on the screen of your device when your fuel level is at a given level in order to (1) use each rocket to its full potential, and (2) receive a massive boost during the transition between boosters.

With a totally new design, Space Frontier 2 features a redesigned set of highly animated 3D graphics, a better indicator of just when you need to tap in order to not-explode, and an unspecified number of new and exciting solar systems we have yet to discover!

The one thing we are sort of concerned with is the price tag… We understand that developers need to eat, but charging roughly $9 per week for the premium version of this game seems a little ridiculous. Our speculation is that this high price tag is to cover the costs of the countless Ads you’ve likely been seeing on Facebook and Instagram lately, but this topic could use an article of its own.

The Conclusion

Although we are sort of concerned which way the casual mobile gaming industry is heading with these high priced subscriptions, overall Space Frontier 2 is a great game we expect many players will find highly addictive!

In case you were wondering, we are already well and truly addicted…😉

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