Faily Skater – Driving, Riding, Climbing, and now Skating…

At this point, when we hear the word “Faily” we automatically relate it to a guy flying through the air in slow motion after smashing into a wall, tree, truck, or anything else that would normally mean certain death!💀 But no, this guy keeps getting up, ready to take on the world in yet another game…

For anyone who has played a “Faily” game other than Faily Tumbler (which was a little different), Faily Skater is pretty much the same as every other game from Spunge Games we’ve featured on Edamame Reviews.

Set on an eternal stretch of downhill road, your mission in this game is to skate for as long as possible, performing cool tricks and collecting items, until you inevitably crash into something deadly and fail. Unlike the original Faily Brakes which is actually still our favorite, the controls in this game are much more responsive, allowing you to make some extra sharp turns that often do more damage than good.😓 We’re still figuring out how to control our player without dying…🎮

With the same low poly visuals as every other “Faily” game we’ve played so far, Faily Skater may actually have slightly better graphics – i.e. more moving obstacles, buildings, pedestrians, etc – which definitely does make the game look cool, but may be the cause of an annoying pause that occurs between sessions. Although only 5 seconds, it definitely does get annoying over time…

With a bunch of different character skins for you to unlock, not too many Ads and the same magnificent GAME OVERS that made this series so popular in the first place, Faily Skater is probably the best family game we’ve played so far.

One complaint we do have however is how difficult it is to distinguish between obstacles that will kill you and obstacles that won’t. For instance, we crashed into a flower bed expecting to die but were fine! 👍 …and then smashed into a few plastic bags and died? 👎

We’re not exactly sure how, this could be implemented nicely, but it would be nice to know what does and doesn’t kill you…😅

The Conclusion

If you enjoyed playing any of the many “Faily” games from Spunge Games, you are really going to enjoy playing Faily Skater! (Assuming you have a device that can handle it…)

With more features than any of its predecessors, there is so much more we haven’t had time to cover in this short review, we look forward to hopefully checking out more in future.😆

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