Have you ever wondered what happens to your players after they GAME OVER? …You see, unless you’re playing an FPS like Overwatch where your character is obviously dead, a lot of the time all you ever get to see is your player falling down into the abyss…

Faily Tumbler is a game that seems to start where most games would normally end. Set on the side of a prehistoric/stone-age mountainside, this game begins when your player – a daring mountain climber – in an attempt to salvage a massive pterodactyl egg is caught up in a volcanic eruption and is knocked down the side of a massive mountain…

GAME OVER… not in Faily Tumbler…

The game is played using simple touch controls to guide your tumbling player from side to side as he wildly crashes down the mountainside. Ignoring the fact that your player would – under any normal circumstances – either be dead or very close to it, your mission in this game is to use the little control you have over your player to prevent him from crashing into anything that could cause fatal consequences💀

As you can probably already imagine, avoiding dangerous obstacles while falling down a mountainside can prove to be a surprisingly difficult task. Luckily enough there are ways to make your player bounce high above the ground, up and away from anything that could be considered dangerous. In addition to high bouncing features, there are also items you can collect along the way that should make your “ride down the mountain” a little less painful.

The Conclusion

Overall, Faily Tumbler, (just like Faily Brakes and Faily Rider), is a game filled with awesome 3D Game Over scenes you will struggle “not” to enjoy. If you’re in need of some action-packed Game Over madness, chances are this is one of the only games that fits the bill.

Want to give Faily Tumbler a try? The download link is just below😉

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