Sling Drift

This is our review of Sling Drift by Tastypill. After some serious discussion with one of our followers on Instagram, we decided to feature Sling Drift on Edamame Reviews. Our discussion went a little something like this… Do sling drift!
@Edamame_Reviews …OK‼😆 Let’s Do It! (…we get excited way too easily…)

Set on a never-ending stretch of twisting and turning asphalt, your mission in this game is to help a car drift around corners. Sound easy? Well, you don’t have access to the steering wheel of the vehicle so well… Good Luck…😱

Instead, by tapping and holding on the screen of your device you can connect your car to a checkpoint-like thing positioned at the edge of each corner, allowing you to sling your car around each bend at full speed! Luckily you seem to be the only vehicle on the road, meaning the closer to the center you drive the less chance you have of smashing into the sides of the road and GAME OVER.💀🔥

Plowing down the center of the road is a slightly lighter section of asphalt which represents where you want to stay in order to (1) Survive, and (2) Achieve a “PERFECT!” drift. If you manage to achieve 3 “PERFECT!” drifts in a row, all your surroundings will change and you’ll essentially go into what other games call Fever Mode!

Unfortunately, we’re not exactly sure what this Fever Mode actually does other than help you win achievements and look cool. It doesn’t seem to multiply your score or give you extra gems so yeah… thanks…? 🤷‍♂️

On the bright side, Sling Drift is simple and easy to play, features over 30 unlockable vehicles, and doesn’t have too many obnoxious Ads to interrupt your gameplay. All in all, Sling Drift is a fun little game we really enjoyed playing!

Just as a side note, Sling Drift does have a VIP Option that will cost you $8.99 per-week(!) which seems kind of ridiculous considering just how simple this game is. Luckily it isn’t constantly in your face asking you to upgrade, so there shouldn’t be a lot for you to worry about.

The Conclusion

If you like having simple (and kind of addictive) games you can play on the go, Sling Drift is by far the simplest drifting game we’ve seen this year. A great little game to have on your iOS or Android device.

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