Space Frontier – Most addictive Ketchapp game yet!

Are you a long time fan of Ketchapp games? We are(!) and so when we found out about Space Frontier we couldn’t help but give it a try! …and then another try… and another…🔄

Space Frontier is a game about rockets, more specifically launching rockets. Any rocket loving 3-year-old should know that large scale rockets are launched using a cluster of small rocket segments that are detached and fall back down toward earth during launch.

However, what most rocket loving 3-year-olds likely don’t know is what goes on behind the scenes to decide exactly when and where different segments should be detached in order to achieve maximum altitude. Thinking along the lines of A.I.? Think Again!

Space Frontier is a game that requires your lighting fast judgment skills and top notch hand eye coordination in order to succeed! Featuring a gameplay system based purely on timing, your mission in this game is to tap on the screen of your device the moment each rocket segment reaches 0 in order to prevent your rocket from exploding while still achieving maximum altitude!

The closer you get to achieving a perfect change over, (i.e. tapping at exactly 0), the larger the boost you receive, literally rocketing you to greater heights than ever before! Unfortunately, actually managing to achieve a perfect change over multiple times without fail is almost impossible, meaning you’ll either have to brush up on your skills or aim for just a little lower than perfect.😅

Either way, Space Frontier features a beautiful set of simple yet stylish graphics, a number of different upgrades you can customize your ship with and a minimal number of ads just to make it that much harder for you to realize just how much time you’ve spent launching virtual rockets…🕑

In a nutshell, although this may not be the fanciest game released by the Ketchapp team, it is by far the most addictive Ketchapp game we’ve ever reviewed. (According to us!)

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