How many theme parks have you managed in your life? If you were a fan of the classic RollerCoaster Tycoon, chances are you’ve managed countless parks of all different sizes over the course of your career as a theme park manager, thus making you the perfect candidate for the job…

Foodpia Tycoon is a game about setting up and running a utopia built specifically for food loving individuals! Approximately 99.9% of the Earth’s population! Starting out with nothing but an open plot of land in the middle of Seoul – Korea, your mission in this game is to gradually build small food utopias around the globe, ultimately becoming the world’s greatest utopia for food loving individuals, and making a whole lot of, well…💲✨

Featuring a gameplay system commonly used in endless clicker type games, your mission in this game is to skillfully build and upgrade delicious food stalls, hire chefs, and invest in research in order to maximize your profits and generate a few happy customers in the process.😉

For players who have an almost religious devotion “not to play” clicker games, (we have actually met people like this), play with ease! Foodpia Tycoon isn’t a clicker game. Although the gameplay system does share some similarities to popular clicker games, overall Foodpia Tycoon is actually more like games such as Dungeon, Inc. which definitely isn’t a bad thing! Dungeon, Inc. is awesome!

With a cute set of distinctive Japanese / Korean style manga graphics, a simple gameplay system, and a thorough in-game tutorial to walk you through all the small features as they become accessible, Foodpia Tycoon is another great game we’d recommend to anyone with an ambition to one day start a multi-billion dollar fast food chain.

Last but not least, if you enjoy playing games that continue making money even while the app is closed, you are in luck! Foodpia Tycoon will continue making you billions whether you’re playing the game or not(!) making the game extra convenient to play!

After building Roller Coasters that you’ll only ever ride once💀, unregulated Ferris Wheels, and who knows what else in the classic RollerCoaster Tycoon, are you finally ready to try your hand at creating the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants?

Please don’t…😅

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