Stickman Hook – This game doesn’t get hard!?

Today we have encountered a problem. When testing Stickman Hook (by Madbox) for our full review (which is what you are reading right now) we discovered either one of two things. 1. We are totally brilliant at this game!! …or 2. Stickman Hook doesn’t get difficult…

…somehow we think it is the latter…

Stickman Hook is one of those games that doesn’t really get difficult… Set on a 2D stage made up of “points” you can latch onto like spiderman, your mission in this game is to tap on the screen of your device in order to swing from one point to another in an attempt to make it to the finish line in one piece!

If this game sounds hard, you’ll be surprised because strangely enough, Stickman Hook is super easy! So far we have made it to about level 40-50 and have encountered a total of 0 deadly obstacles. In fact, the most deadly thing in this game is the floor which is somewhere way down past the bottom of the visible screen area…

Just to emphasize, a large fraction of the levels in this game can be won by simply tapping on the screen of your device only 1 or 2 times which is crazy!

With a fairly high number of Ads, simple yet nicely animated graphics, and well… actually not a whole lot more… this is one of the most mysterious games we have played in recent times. What were the developers thinking!?

The Conclusion

If you’re in for the easiest stickman adventure we have ever had, this is a game we highly recommend you check out, because it doesn’t get a lot easier than this!

Why is it so easy? That is a question we hope to answer in our interview with the developers of Stickman Hook… maybe…

UPDATE: We were just notified by the team at Poki that Stickman Hook is now available on their platform, which allows you to play on a PC, Mac, or anything else with a web browser for free!

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6 replies on “Stickman Hook – This game doesn’t get hard!?”

You are not wrong about its ease. i hit level 502 without it ever getting harder than going through a smaller space than usual. and that occurred on 40 or more levels… i was sometimes glad it was easy and sometimes wished for more challenge… so many possibilities to increase difficulties. Perhaps the developers lacked testers…

I believe levels in this game are repeating over and over again after some time. I am currently at level 684 and I cannot help to think that level variation isn’t that great if not the same, which would mean creators of this game made perhaps from 50 to 100 different levels and then made them repeat after reaching the game’s real end. Or it seems to me levels are randomly generated by just not enough types of obstacles put together, or stages in the level if you will. But that is just my take on it, I enjoy the game nevertheless because of its casual pace and playability.

I agree with you. I think the levels are actually made up of maybe 4-5 smaller elements which are randomly added together in order to make up a given level. If this is the case, the level 50 I cleared and the level 50 you cleared could be two completely different levels, although this is just my theory and hasn’t yet been tested…

I really love this game, the feel is awesome and the fact that is stays easy is perfect. I can play without hard trying while in the subway on my way to work!

But the game is also available on Android, as I downloaded it on the Google Play.

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