Fire Balls 3D

Are you impatient? If so, chance are you aren’t reading this since you could just as easily go and install the game and skip this review, but well, here it is anyway… Tada!! 😂😂😂

Fire Balls 3D (by Voodoo and NikSan Tech) is essentially a game about shooting balls at a tower. That’s it… Played by touching on the screen of your device in order to fire, and releasing in order to stop, your mission in this game is to fire balls at a tower in order to break away chunks of the tower while avoiding obstacles that rotate around it like a sort of moving-barricade.

The concept is simple enough, and playing it is even easier. The only real skill you need in order to succeed in this game is patience which is something a lot of gamers don’t really have these days…😅

So many times we continued shooting for just a little too long, causing one of our balls to get deflected and GAME OVER.

If you’re trying to train your patience this is probably one of the best games we’ve stumbled upon in 2018, but if you’re anything like us, chances are you will find Fire Balls 3D, more annoying than fun. Although mobile games do seem to be getting progressively simpler, I’m not sure this is what gamers really want from a simple mobile game you can play while on the go…

With classic Voodoo style 3D visuals, lots of Ads, and not a lot more for you to enjoy -or be annoyed by for that matter – there really isn’t a lot to this game. Sorry guys, we think Fire Balls 3D is a flop…

The Conclusion

In short, we don’t recommend this game. If you usually enjoy the games we recommend, why not check out one of our other reviews? Unfortunately, this isn’t a game we expect most players will have a lot of fun playing – unless you really enjoy putting yourself through the stress of being patient.

In that case, this is the perfect game for you.😅

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