Stone Rush – This game is so many things in one…

This game is by no means original… In fact, we can think of at least 3 different games this game shares some striking similarities with, but hey, does that really even matter? …since the main question is, after all, is Stone Rush fun?

Stone Rush (by Easybrain) is a game about jumping up through colorful rotating disks in order to avoid sinking into the cold deep waters below. Played by skillfully tapping on the screen of your device in order to shoot up to the next level, the key to “not dying” in this game is to tap on the screen of your device the moment the color of your player and the color of the disk above your player match.

Although this shouldn’t be a difficult task, it can tend to be rather challenging when under visible time pressure…

Moving on to the graphics – the graphics in this game only just fall short of being excellent! Featuring a distinctive rocky design which really fits the name Stone Rush, your player is the only thing that doesn’t look like some sort of geological object. Why the developers chose to go with jelly for the player is still unknown…

If you’ve been following us on TikTok (@Edamame_Reviews) you may know that we recently made it past 1K on Helix Jump (by Voodoo), so we shouldn’t exactly be the worst at playing these types of games. Even so, we struggled to get to level 11 in this game so, be prepared for some rather serious gameplay – and a fairly decent number of Ads – when enjoying Stone Rush.

The Conclusion

If you’re in for something “completely new”, this isn’t the game for you… At the start of this review, I said I could think of at least 3 games Stone Rush shares similarities with. After thinking about it for a bit, we came up with at least 3 more, maybe even 4…

That being said, if you’re after a game that feels like the MMA of all your favorite casual games, then this is a game you’ll probably want to keep an eye out for!

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