Domino – Is this the most satisfying game of 2018!?

Dominoes are really, really satisfying to watch and can be really, really annoying to set up… Domino (by Ketchapp and Armnomads) is a game that takes the best of both worlds and smashes them together into a single package that aims to deliver maximum satisfaction! …but will it deliver…?

If our timing was impeccable Domino would probably be the most satisfying game in the world of mobile gaming. Unfortunately, no one at Edamame Reviews has pitch-perfect timing, so you’re stuck with our fairly normal review of this game.

For the average player, Domino is a satisfying game to watch out of the corner of your eye as you focus all of your attention onto a glowing bit of stage positioned at the forefront of your collapsing string of dominoes. You will need to watch this line because it is this thin sliver of light which indicates when you need to tap on the screen in order to keep the line moving.

If your mind is telling you “???” Don’t worry, we can explain.

Domino is played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to place missing domino pieces on the stage in order to keep the chain reaction moving. Tap too early and GAME OVER. Tap too late and GAME OVER. In short, Domino is a really difficult game…

Although the game is difficult, the results are beautiful. With a clean minimalistic design, a bunch of different skins you can use to switch out the look and feel of the game, as well as a fairly standard number of Ads – this is a game we enjoy watching almost as much as we enjoy playing.

The Conclusion

If you love watching dominos but don’t have the patience to set them up. If you find watching dominos on YouTube alright, but just a little too passive. Then this game was practically designed to suit the needs of your selfish lazy self. 😂

Exactly what WE needed…

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