Alpha Gradient – Brain Game

Alpha Gradient

Alpha Gradient is a game which will challenge your mental ability through patterns and gradients. With a combination of gradients and random blurring, a series of patterns and challenges will be generated, to test your memory. Minimalist in appearance, you can observe smooth transitions and simple progressions between different colors. Just relax, you have more than 700 random levels to solve.

The game is also available for your smartwatch (Wear OS & Apple Watch), in a simplified version. With the watch version, you can take advantage of those small idle moments throughout your day to accelerate your mind by solving small challenges.

Alpha Gradient

How to play?

Alpha Gradient is very easy to play on mobile. Simply slide your finger to repeat the pattern that was shown and you have memorized (Yes, think, think). The patterns are generated randomly, so you will not get bored having to repeat the same patterns over and over, you will always be faced with new patterns to memorize.

For some wearable devices, the sliding gesture will not work, meaning you will have to repeat the patterns by pressing the illuminated cells instead.

Alpha Gradient


It’s very important to note that the game is also available on both Wear OS as well as Apple Watch. Make the most of lost time throughout your day by solving challenges.

For mobile, the game has more than 700 challenges, split into different modes:

(Mode A) A random pattern appears on the screen. You must memorize and repeat it in the correct order.

(Mode B) A pattern appears on the screen. You must memorize and repeat it.

(Mode C) A set of colors will appear on the screen. You must memorize the pattern that corresponds to the gradient color of the level and then mark them.

(Mode D) Different cells will appear randomly marked on the screen. You must memorize them and then mark them.

(Mode E) A set of sparse cells will appear. You must memorize them and repeat them.

(Mode F) A set of colors will appear on the screen. You must memorize the colors of the level and then mark them.

(Mode G) Several patterns will appear on the screen at the same time. You must memorize the one that corresponds with the color gradient of the level and repeat it in the correct order.

(Mode H) A random pattern appears on the screen. You must memorize and repeat in the reverse order.

(Mode I) A mix of challenges from previous levels will appear.


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Alpha Gradient

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Since our inception, we have always given importance to watches and wearable technology in our development, creating games for Wear OS and Apple Watch.

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