Merge Town! – A game designed for killing time…

Unless you purchase every single app you use, thus NEVER seeing ANY ads on your smartphone… EVER…! chances are you’ve seen Merge Town advertised in other games or on social media. …and so, this is our review of Merge Town, so you don’t get addicted…

Merge Town is a game centered around unboxing houses, fusing houses together, and a little bit of money. Similar to most clicker games we find ourselves playing for hours, days, weeks, or even years before we finally stop and think about how much time we have just wasted, Merge Town is a similar game in the sense that it is pretty much pointless…😅

Although pointless, if you’re in need of a game that can divert your attention from the task you are actually supposed to be performing, (like writing up 10 or so game reviews), Merge Town is perfect! Featuring a gameplay system we soon realized had no GAME OVER and was pretty much endless, this is the perfect game to play when you need to kill a little time you don’t have.

Every 10 seconds a box will appear on your small gridded map. Your job is to tap on the box in order to open it, and if possible, merge the house you just unboxed with another same sized house already on the map.

This process continues, and your small stage begins to grow, fitting more and more houses the longer you play the game! You can also speed up this process by rapidly rapping on on the “Box Timer” located near the bottom of your screen…

With a simplistic design overall, slightly too many ads for our liking, (but that is your choice), and a gameplay system we never think we will ever get to the end of, Merge Town is another simple time-waster about houses… not cookies…🍪

Unless you’re a Timelord bored out of your brain, chances are you have better ways to spend your time than play this game… However, for those small moments in your life when you desperately need something to do, Merge Town is the game for you.

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