If you’re a fan of all things cool and new, today we’ve got a game you’ll want to check out! For players lucky (or stupid) enough to have updated to the bug-filled iOS 11 on the day of release! Today we’ve got a game to cheer you up…😢

Flat Pack may be the coolest 2D/3D platformer game we have ever featured on Edamame Reviews to date! Why is this game so awesome? Because it is played in the real world!

Developed using both Apple’s brand new AR kits, Flat Pack is the first platformer game we have ever played where physically walking around the stage in order to take a look at what enemies lie ahead is actually a thing.😆

Played using simple swipe gestures in order to control the direction in which your player moves, plus a simple tap to jump or fly feature, Flat Pack is fairly easy to learn and play once you’ve got your head around the logical yet tricky way in which things move around the stage.

Now, for anyone who isn’t exactly a fan of AR – because we already know how accurate the AR on Pokemon GO was – Flat Pack also features an on-screen, (Not AR), version of the game, but you’ll likely get quite a shock if you’re expecting anything like Pokemon GO…

The AR features in Flat Pack are so much higher than Pokemon GO ever was, it is really quite amazing how much AR technology has advanced in just one year.

Will this become your next favorite game? In our case probably not. There are far too many games out there waiting to be reviewed! However, if you’re a fan of AR games, this is the first game we have ever played where the AR features don’t feel like a gimmick.

The Conclusion

Whether you’re a fan of AR games or not, if you have any interest in technology at all Flat Pack is a game that will help you realize just how much AR technology has advanced in just a few years! …plus it’s a great excuse to download a cool new game!

Unfortunately, AR mode is not yet available on Android…😢

Want to give Flat Pack a try? The download link is just below.📲
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