Cookie Clickers 2 – A game every Cookie Monster at heart needs!

As a youngster, did you have this strange bond with the Cookie Monster? If so, today we’ve got a game you simply need to check out! …This is a review you can’t miss!

For those who have played Cookie Clicker on PCCookie Clickers 2 is a sleek new version of Cookie Clicker for mobile you can carry with you wherever you go(!) re-igniting your mad cookie clicking/tapping addiction once again! …wherever you go… and at any time… This may be a bit of an issue😓

Now, for those of you who haven’t played Cookie Clicker, Cookie Clickers 2 is a game about tapping a giant cookie set in the middle of your screen. The more times you tap the cookie the more cookies you get which is great! The more cookies the better right?

Using the hundreds/thousands/millions/or even billions of cookies you collect, you can purchase cookie cooking grandmas, automatic cookie tapping bots, cookie farms, Bakers and much, much more!

With delicious cookie graphics, a strangely addictive gameplay system, and an abundance of features you can use to upgrade your cookie clicking addiction, Cookie Clickers 2 may be the most delicious endless clicker game featured on Edamame Reviews😋

Lastly, if there was one feature we wish this game had, it would be an offline cookie clicking feature. As far as we know unlike the majority of endless tapper games, this game doesn’t seem to feature an offline endless tapping feature which is somewhat annoying, to say the least…

Do you love playing endless tapper games here and there to pass the time? If so, Cookie Clickers 2 is a great tapper game to play just so long as you aren’t on a diet, in that case, this game is the closest game to hell you will ever see😭

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