Asteroids3D – Dope as hell?

Want to test your skills and the odds? …then Asteroids3D is going to float your boat.

“Dope as hell” –

Inspired by the original Asteroids game, Asteroids3D is an arcade space shooter that packs a punch while keeping the original present in a modern twist.

Take on enemy UFOs and cruisers armed to the teeth with turrets that rain bullet hell and don’t mess around. Set in 3D space, your mission is to do your best to navigate an ever-intensifying asteroid field in this endless 3D avoider game.

Asteroids3D truly brings “flying by the seat of your pants” moments along with excellent graphics that will push your hardware.


With tongue in cheek pop culture references and a menu with some mysteries, Asteroids3D is a fun game, especially when you go head-to-head on the leaderboards – which feature three difficulty settings – and enjoy endless fun with no Ads or IAP.

Although stating the obvious, a third dimension really does add a new dimension. It’s one thing to dodge asteroids, bullets, lasers and enemies head-on, but once you have blasted by you have no idea what is coming at you from off-screen (i.e. behind you). As you pull hard on the stick and commit to a turn you know you are testing the odds – big time.


The flight controls in Asteroids3D are impressive, and are on par with the best controls available on mobile, providing a truly fluid sense of flight. Through optional tilt-to-roll gyro controls, you can get intuitive and sensitive controls on your mobile device. With just a single stick control, you will feel as if you have a twin stick controller in your hands. As they say, once you start using “tilt-to-roll” you won’t want to go back.

For those who worship at the altar of inverted-Y controls and believe that this is “the only true controller layout”, Asteroids3D has got you covered. And if you’re left-handed it has got your back there as well.

Given all of this Asteroids3D may well be “dope as hell” – you decide.



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