Line Tracer – It isn’t every day you stumble upon a game that can kill you on the first tap…😂


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Snake VS Block or Balls VS Block – as it was called when we first reviewed it – was a super popular game. Today we’ve got a game that takes this game and smashes it together with a lesser-known game called Break Liner (by Ketchapp) and well… creates a game capable of killing you on the very first tap… yeah… 😅

Line Tracer (by ArmNomads Games and Noor Games) is definitely a unique game. Although it isn’t a bad game, it definitely could use some modifications as to how the gameplay is handled.

Set on either the left or right side of an endless string of number blocks, (kind of what we mentally picture whenever anyone says Block Chain), your mission in this game is to carefully choose when to tap on the screen of your device in order to zip from one side of the screen to the other with as many balls as possible.

Similar to how Snake VS Block requires you to think fairly carefully about when and where you move your ball in order to get past blocks while keeping as many balls as possible, Line Tracer does the same using the numbered blocks that split the screen in two.

In order to shift your position from one side to the other, you need to pass through either a block (which removes X number of balls from your snake) or somehow manage to squeeze between one of the small gaps between the blocks allowing you to pass through without losing any balls. ✌️

The concept is great, the gameplay is simple, and for the most part Line Tracer is a fun and addictive game… Until you level up too high that is… 🤔

You see, at the moment, Line Tracer basically seems to keep the difficulty level at the highest point you ever managed to reach during your time playing the game, meaning if you manage to get super high thanks to a fluke, you have basically ruined the game for yourself.

Which may or may not be what we somehow managed to do on our first time testing the game.

The Conclusion

Other than the one point mentioned above Line Tracer is a great game! The graphics are excellent, the controls are simple and responsive, and there aren’t too many Ads. We just wish this game started us back at square 1 (or at least near square 1) when we GAME OVER…

Want to give Line Tracer a try? The download link is just below.📲
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