Have you noticed that almost everything in life seems to be designed to suck as much money from your already thin and frail wallet as possible? …if not, today we’ve got a game that will soon teach you a little about what life is like on planet earth…😱

Balls VS Blocks is a simple game about collecting and spending balls almost as quickly as you can gather them. Set on an ever moving stage made up of small yellow balls and colorful numbered blocks, your mission in this game is to collect as many yellow balls as possible while avoiding the colored numbered blocks at all costs!

…sound familiar yet…?

Unlike pretty much every other runner game we have ever reviewed, your snake-like character in Balls VS Blocks doesn’t die when you accidentally smash into one of the many colorful obstacles… Just so long as you have enough balls (i.e. money) to pay up…

You see, the number/s on each of the obstacles in this game represent the number of balls required to pass through each obstacle safely. 1 ball short and you’re dead…💀

Played using a super simple set of swipe controls to drag your player around the stage, a simple minimalist design, and a minimal number of ads to get in the way of your gameplay this is a game you will likely play for the rest of your life…

Yes, Paycheck! …Oh, Bills…

The Conclusion

Are you in need of a game where money is the driving force behind your success? If so, why not give Balls VS Blocks a try? You’ll soon discover the hardships 100% of adults living on planet earth face every day…😱

Ready to start your career? The download link is just below😉

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