Do you like dark, slightly scary, platform games? If so, we’ve got a new game that is dark, scary, challenging, and a little annoying…

Beware, Square is a game about a square character and his terrifying midnight adventures in a red spike filled wasteland. Your mission in this game, is to prevent this little guy from dying by helping him actually jump over the things that could kill him.

Now, for players who find endless games with randomly generated stages annoying, Beware, Square is the same as the all-famous dark platformer game Darthy in that every stage is pre-set and does not change. This is awesome because you will slowly begin to remember where certain traps and surprises lie, but can also get very annoying when there is one obstacle you just can’t seem to get past…!

Although set platformers have their pros and cons, we experienced one issue in Beware, Square that is only ever a con, “automatic” double jumping. Beware, Square is played by tapping on the screen to jump over obstacles. Just sometimes we noticed our little cube jump twice, when we’d only tapped once, often causing our player to die…💀

The “Double Jumping” issue we experienced was fixed by the Developers! Thanks guys!

Would you like the newest dark platformer on the market? (At the time of writing Beware, Square was released yesterday.) If so, this is the game for you!

With a few minor issues we’re sure will no longer exist after the next update (We were right, they don’t!), this game is simple, scary, challenging, and definitely enjoyable.

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