Ninja Dude vs Zombies – The cutest zombie game ever…!?

Are you terrified that one day you’ll be stuck on top of a large sinking tower surrounded by hoards of man eating zombies with nothing but an infinite number of throwing stars to defend yourself with? …You watch too many horror movies…😓

Ninja Dude vs Zombies is a game about pretty much the situation portrayed above, where the only difference is, the man eating zombies in this game actually look pretty cute. (For a rotting dead body that is…)

Your mission in this game is to protect yourself from being eaten alive by throwing ninja stars down at zombies that attempt to climb your tower. The controls you’ll use to achieve this goal are rather simple, tap on the left side of your screen to kill the zombies climbing on the left side of your tower, and on the right side of the screen to kill the ones on your right.

Using these simple controls you will be required to survive for as long as possible without getting eaten.

For serious zombie fans, this game may be a little too cute. There aren’t any splattering guts, exploding brains, or much else you’d expect to see in a horror film. The closest thing to the zombies in this game are probably the monsters you’ll find in minecraft, so for players who find serious zombie games disgusting, Ninja Dude vs Zombies may just be the game you need…

Are you ready to find out just how well you’ll do in a zombie attack with no splattering guts, no grotesque creatures, and lots of cuteness? Perhaps now is the time to find out?

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