Do you like serious retro games? Is retro-like, or sort of retro, not enough for you? If so, we’ve just found a game so retro, it will basically turn your super thin smartphone into a game watch! (…does everyone still remember what a game watch is…? 😅 )

Magic Mansion is a game that would look about right if it had been released 20 years ago. With graphics made entirely of pixels, and a very minimal level of animation, this game pretty much “is” a retro game… even though it was released only a few weeks ago…

Now, if you love retro games, chances are you also love the simple 1 to 2 button gameplay systems found in super old games, and Magic Mansion doesn’t cut any corners here. Set in a pixel mansion, your mission in this game is to help a little witch girl climb up each floor of a trap filled mansion without dying. (She seriously needs a new security system…)

This is done by tapping on the screen to jump over spikes, flying cannon balls, slime monsters, ghosts, and much, much more!

Although both the concept and the controls are simple and easy to use, the game itself definitely isn’t easy. With a less than 1 second “sweet time” on every obstacle; jump slightly too soon or late and you’re dead… Not the most forgiving game on the market.

Are you a really serious retro game fan? If so, this is the game for you… Although you’ll probably have a hard time clearing it…

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