Speed interview with X.D. Network Inc.

Do you remember our review of ICEY? A stunning mobile platformer game with graphics that’ll impress even the pickiest of reviewers? Today we would like to share our super quick interview with the publishers of this amazingly beautiful, (and popular), title X.D. Network Inc.

For those of you who are not aware, X.D. Network Inc. has published a number of popular titles for iOS, Android, PC and even Consoles!

Before we start we’d like to thank Brandy Wu from X.D. Network Inc. for participating in our interview and for answering all of our geeky questions.


Firstly, I would like you to please introduce X.D. Network Inc. and what your company stands for.

Located in Shanghai, China, we are a game developer and publisher of mobile, PC and console games.

We celebrate the creativity of games. Our titles include Ragnarok Online Mobile (self-developed with the official license from Gravity), To the Moon Mobile (self-developed with the official license from Freebird Games), Girls Frontline (3rd party title that is published by us) and some other great mobile titles, regardless of indie or non-indie.



We know that X.D. Network Inc. also works as a publisher of indie games, and has published some popular games such as ICEY and To the Moon, just to name a few. We would like to ask what types of games you generally look for in the mobile game development space.

We are not fixated on any specific types, but we care about the creativity and how well the game is made. Some games have it and some just don’t. You can tell if the game “has it” by playing the game for a while.

As X.D. Network Inc. makes its way into the highly competitive western mobile gaming marketplace, we would like to know how you plan on distinguishing yourself from other big brand publishers.

We are still trying to find our own way.

While we have our own unique resources, in China, we have co-founded an Android game store called TapTap which is the most successful game store in terms of selling premium games. We sold over 370K copies for ICEY on it alone. We think of it as one of our strong points. In the western market, we are still trying to fight our way out by working with influencers and game media. Fortunately, people are giving positive feedbacks to our games.


What genre of mobile gaming is X.D. Network Inc.’s primary focus, and what can players look forward to next?

Well, there are some unannounced titles, not only mobile but also on PC and console. But I can assure you they are really fun ones! I’ll send you (Edamame Reviews) those when we are planning to release them to the public. 😃

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