Duke Dashington Remastered

Do you love watching or playing the sequel to your favorite movie or game? Today we are checking out the “Remastered” version of the popular game Duke Dashington also by Jussi Simpanen! …just don’t tell anyone we haven’t actually reviewed the original…😅

Although we can’t exactly make any honest references or comparisons to the original game, we can compare this speedy 10-Second Puzzle game to yet another popular game by Jussi Simpanen, Super Dangerous Dungeons, which we have previously checked out on Edamame Reviews.

Set in a pixelated 2D world featuring a striking amount of detail, Duke Dashington Remastered starts out in much the same way as Super Dangerous Dungeons did. In fact, the only real difference is how our hero, (in our case, Duke Dashington), ended up getting into this Life or Death situation. ( 😇 or 💀 )

Seeing that he had accidentally triggered a trap that would cause the temple he was robbing – we mean exploring – to collapse, Duke Dashington dashes into the collapsing relic, giving you exactly 10 seconds to get past all of the many deadly traps in each level before the entire temple comes collapsing down upon you.

The game is played using a set of 3 on-screen buttons. (Jump, Dash Left, and Dash Right) Unlike most 2D platformer games which sort of require you to obey the laws of physics, your Duke in this game has the ability to dash in mid-air and will only stop once he actually hits a physical object such as a wall, bandsaw or SPIKE COVERED DEATH TRAP!!!💀

Although this can sometimes act as a negative, it is also the key to escaping all of the many deadly levels within your strict 10 second time limit.

Much as this looks like a 2D platformer game, we expect most players, (after playing Duke Dashington Remastered for 5-10 minutes), will agree that this game is, in fact, an action-packed puzzle game centered around logical problem-solving and a lightning-fast reaction time.

The Conclusion

With 120 levels split over 4 dungeons for you to explore(!), Duke Dashington Remastered is fast, fun, and sort of easy to play…😅

If you’re in need of an action-packed puzzle game you can play in those idle 10 Seconds of your life? …You need to re-think the way you are living… seriously…

Want to give Duke Dashington Remastered a try? The download link is just below.📲
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