Wavy Lines – Don’t let this game’s beauty fool you…

Are you smarter than a fish or an insect? Humans are generally smart creatures, we have achieved more than any other creature on planet earth and will likely continue to do so until the day we either destroy ourselves or something destroys us, whichever comes first… But when it comes to simple things, like trying to find the next game to play, we often leave ourselves open for some unexpected surprises…

Wavy Lines (by TryMyGames) is a game that – in short – is a nightmare. For those gamers who are crazy enough to find things as horrible as Super Hexagon and VVVVVV both by Terry Cavanagh enjoyable, Wavy Lines is the sort of game you will likely fall in love with. For everyone else, this means you are probably going to smash your phone…

Set on an infinite stretch of neon colored 2D road, your mission in this game is to wave your way past and around glowing 2D obstacles (or enemies) that look just like your player and spawn at random intervals along the stage.

Played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to switch the direction in which your player moves, Wavy Lines is virtually all about taking risks – and avoiding a bunch of snake-like obstacles that look and move just like your player. Your goal is to survive for as long as possible and to make it to a new high score, and we’re telling you – it is super hard!

By default, your player moves faster than your opponents, so there is no fear of suddenly getting attacked from behind – in fact, if any enemies bump into your trail they die. That having been said, it often isn’t enough to simply avoid them, since they will more often than not get in the way of the boosters that make playing this game much easier.

To get rid of enemies faster, your only option is to stick close beside an enemy for a given amount of time without colliding in order to activate a short invincibility boost which allows you to smash through your opponents and make it to a new high score!

Unfortunately, this is super hard to do without messing up and “accidentally” hurling your phone across the room in frustration!

The Conclusion

If you either love playing frustrating games – or have a bunch of smartphones you, for some strange reason, need to smash – this is a game which is bound to add more stress into your already stressful life… How fun… 😂

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6 replies on “Wavy Lines – Don’t let this game’s beauty fool you…”

Really? Sure it is hard, but I didn’t think it was that bad… Then again, we do play A LOT of games here at Edamame Reviews so… Yeah…

Well, playing A LOT of games would probably help, but don’t you find the wavy obstacles sometimes move in a way that seems physically impossible to avoid?

Hmm… Well, they definitely don’t make it easy. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is actually impossible, but it can get fairly close…

Oh, Yes! While you’re still there! I’ve got a game I would like you guys to check out! Can you take a look at It’s super fun!

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