Snake Blast! – 2018’s most popular snake game gone ballistic!

Do you still enjoy playing a game called Snake VS Block by Voodoo? Although the original game is starting to get kind of old at this point, today we’ve got a new game that attempts to breathe new life into the now overused game mechanic by making things go kind of ballistic… How to instantly make anything 100 times more enjoyable! 😂

Snake Blast! (by Advenworks) is essentially the exact same game as Snake VS Block. Set on a 2D stage made up of balls and numbered blocks that act as a sort of barricade you must get past in order to continue moving up, your mission in this game is to control a snake of balls as you slowly make your way up the screen of your device.

For anyone who has ever played the game mentioned above, Snake Blast! will seem like a rip-off until you “actually start playing” the game. Once you’ve played this game, there is no way you can ever un-see what you just experienced.

Instead of collecting balls in order to make your snake bigger, your snake in Snake Blast! acts like a machine gun! Firing balls up at all angles, and destroying pretty much everything that stands in your path!! 😂💥💥

The more balls you collect the more balls your snake will fire, allowing you to smash through bigger and badder obstacles with relative ease.

Since your snake will hardly ever actually touch any of the obstacles you are faced with, you will almost always die if you slip up and are required to ram obstacles as you do in Snake VS Block, so the trick is to keep away from any obstacles that stand in your way. Otherwise, you will probably die…

The Conclusion

If you enjoy playing crazy mobile games that look and feel OP from the moment you first install them on your device, then Snake Blast! is a game we highly recommend you check out, because it is by far the most OP game we’ve seen in a long time…

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