Traffic Dash!

Do you find intersections fun? Assuming you can drive, chances are you have already had the pleasure of being stuck at an awful intersection you don’t exactly know how to navigate…

Traffic Dash! (by h8games) is a game about the worst intersection in the world and it seems as though you are the only person traveling up(?), or north(?), or whatever direction you happen to be going… 😅

Set on a long stretch of road that has way too many intersections, your mission in Traffic Dash! is to either drive so fast that you can smash past anything that dares pass in front of your car, or drive more sensibly and slow down when something is crossing the road ahead of you. Yeah, like people are really going to slow down? 😂

Played by tapping and holding on the screen of your device in order to break, and release to accelerate, learning how to play this game is super easy, and should only take you a few games to master. What’s harder is figuring out when to go and when not to go.

You see, as you progress through the game, you will be faced with stretches of road that are consecutively intersected by traffic 10 or even 15 times in a row! And since stopping essentially means that you would be stopping in the middle of an intersection, it isn’t always the best option either, all the more incentive to go fast!

With a surprisingly nice 3D design similar to that of PAKO Forever (by xyz) a somewhat annoying number of Ads, and a whole heap of levels for you to attempt to pass without crashing too many times, this is a stupid little game we really enjoyed reviewing.

The Conclusion

If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic and foolishly thought to yourself, what could be worse than being stuck in this traffic, try playing this game and you’ll soon agree with us that if the levels in this game (from about 5 onward) were real, at least I would never drive again… Walking would be much safer… 😂

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