Tomb of the Mask by Happymagenta – Review

Where do you get your inspiration from? Is it from randomly browsing the web, going out doors, or chatting with inspirational people? Who knows, you may get your inspiration from eating pancakes! Today we’ve got a game we bet was inspired by Indiana Jones… just with the fast forward button on MAX…

Tomb of the Mask is a retro style game about a lightning fast guy, a large tomb, and a mysterious shiny liquid quickly flooding everything… Your mission in this game is simple; dash up the tomb and collect coins before you drown in the mysterious shiny liquid, or ruthlessly slaughtered by one of the many traps… – wait, then what’s the point of collecting coins? –

Now if what we said above makes this game sound impossible, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. In Tomb of the Mask you’ll find some very new and interesting controls we haven’t found in any other dungeon type game before.

By swiping (up, down, left, or right) your character will instantly warp (up, down, left, or right) as far as possible before finally hitting something and stopping. So to run left along a corridor and then jump to the next level, all you do is “swipe left” and then “up.” Easy to understand, and even easier to use!

Now for all of you who love your retro graphics, Tomb of the Mask will not disappoint. Tomb of the Mask has some of the best retro graphics we’ve seen in a mobile game. Unfortunately it’s still no match to its elder sibling Into the Dim which in the sense of graphics is insane!

Tomb of the Mask_SS1 Tomb of the Mask_SS2

So if fast paced retro gaming sounds like a lot of fun, Tomb of the Mask is the fastest “playable” retro game we’ve ever reviewed.

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