If you decided to make a game right now, what kind of graphics would you choose use? More than likely you wouldn’t use 8 bit images, especially if you’re trying to make a high end fully animated game ready to be published on devices with retina displays.

Well Happymagenta, the developers of Into the Dim, seem to have defied all “common sense” in order to create something awesome!

Into the Dim is basically an RPG where you chase a little dog that seems to constantly run off into dangerous dungeons. There seems to be quite a story hidden behind the levels, but unfortunately we haven’t gotten all that far yet, so this is about as much as we can tell you for now. Besides, we wouldn’t want to spoil it for you…

The main feature of this game is that it is entirely made out of bit images, and only uses a grayscale for colors. We probably haven’t found a more incongruous game to play in the sense that it looks like a retro game but feels modern. The animations, the movement, the touch screen controls, just seem out of place and a little too modern compared to the graphics…

If you are a designer or are someone that just loves cool graphics, either way Into the Dim is an astonishing game when it comes to quality of images. It wouldn’t surprise us if this game had the best 8 bit graphics in the world.

Into the Dim_SS1 Into the Dim_SS2 Into the Dim_SS3 Into the Dim_SS4

The Conclusion

If graphics is what you hold highest when gaming. We will assure you, you’ll never find a cooler 8 bit game, especially for your smartphone.


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