The evil Nanobyte virus is out, gaming is over… It seems Edamame Reviews will just have to close down… Thanks guys for following us! We’ll never forget you. (Just when we thought all hope was lost “He” appeared…)

HoPiKo is an epic game about the little guys inside your gaming consoles, computers, and smartphones – called “HoPiKo.” These little guys have the job of making the games you enjoy “work” and without them… well… it’s “Game Over!”

This game is based on an outbreak of the evil Nanobyte virus, a malicious virus that enslaved hundreds of millions of HoPiKo around the world, causing games to simply “Die…” – The end of Edamame Reviews? – Just when we thought all hope was lost, one lone HoPiKo made a stand.

Equipped with his Power Gloves – a pair of glowing blue super gloves – this one little guy – together with just a little bit of your help – saves his fellow HoPiKo brothers, and the whole gaming industry. – Thus also saving our Game Review site…


Ok, this wasn’t much of a review so to make up, HoPiKo is a game every fast paced action game lover must have on their mobile device!

As reviewers HoPiKo was one of the most boring games to write about! Why? This game was so perfect, even a dictionary wouldn’t have enough words to praise it… It even has a startup movie sequence – who even does that? Fabulous!

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