When you were little, did you like playing in boxes? Most of the time the large boxes we played in were made of cardboard and positioned somewhere in the middle of our living room. To the adults who gave us the boxes they were just large lumps of paper and glue, but to us, they were rocket ships, cars, planes, all kinds of vehicles we definitely weren’t allowed to drive! They were mysterious objects with the ability to become anything…!

Sky Chasers is a game that looks like something pulled straight from the imagination of a 3 year old. Based on a little boy with a rocket-powered cardboard box, Sky Chasers is the childhood dream you never got to accomplish. Mounted in your pilot’s seat your mission in this game is to bravely maneuver through a large danger-filled forest in search of… Something. – We’re not quite sure what yet…

The pixel graphics in this game are so well made and precise, each character, stage, leaf, and even flower, move as if you are actually there. The leaves on the trees and flowers on the ground actually rustle and move in the gentle breeze! This almost insane level of quality alone could have gotten Sky Chasers an A on Edamame Reviews. But on top of all this come the controls…

The controls you’ll use to play this game are some of the simplest we’ve ever seen in any platform type game. By tapping on the left side of the screen, your right rockets will ignite, propelling you leftward; by tapping on the right, the opposite happens, super easy use and understand!

Sky Chasers_SS1 Sky Chasers_SS2 Sky Chasers_SS3 Sky Chasers_SS4

The Conclusion

Our review of Sky Chasers could have gone on and on forever, so we’ll end it about here. If you still secretly like the idea of playing in large cardboard boxes, Sky Chasers is a game you’ll enjoy!

Our team always has a few people that dislike a game the majority of us like, but with Sky Chasers we somehow all agreed… – did we just involuntarily suggest that Edamame is run by 3 year olds…


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